• A picture of Amanda M. LancasterAmanda M. Lancaster: Lexington to Lexington
    Introduction Image 1 – Photo of Amanda M. Lancaster, ca. 1888 My second great-grandmother, Amanda M. Lancaster (see Image 1)[1], began and ended her life north of Lexington. However, these two life events did not happen in the same states. She […]
  • Photo of Margaret Ann Bruegger Kienlen, ca. 1938.A Kienlen Family Legend
    Great-Grandmother Kienlen Margaret Ann Bruegger Kienlen,ca. 1938 For as long as I can remember, my mother’s side of the family loved to tell stories about the quirkiness and adventures surrounding my Kienlen family ancestors. One of the most unique […]
  • Howle Family home, circa 1906The Howle Home in Oklahoma Territory
    B H Howle family and home in Walters, Oklahoma Territory, ca 1906. A favorite family photo One of my treasured heirlooms is a photo of my Howle family grandparents standing in front of their home.[1] I had never seen this picture until after my […]
  • Page from Hughes-Kienlen Family BibleTracing the life of William T Hughes
    [Parents of William T Hughes – Part 2] Starting with what I know In order to begin tracing one’s ancestors, it is critical to always start “with what you know.” Right. Well, when I began tracing the life of William T Hughes (1821 – abt 1875), […]